Apella Capital

Apella Capital, a boutique financial advisory firm serving the mass affluent market, sought to elevate their brand identity. In the previous branding, all images were black and white, aiming for a distinctive look but often feeling dull and uninspiring. Thus, starting with the photography and armed with the tagline “Live Your Future,” we explored image treatment solutions that balanced distinctiveness with a better reflection of their aspirational messaging. The remaining brand components and elements, such as the hierarchy, colors, and shapes were further explored and refreshed. Shown below are the revised brand identity and website, along with brand-led collateral including a print ad and postcard.


Brand Identity, Design, Art Direction and Web Design


Refreshed Brand Element Assets, New Image Library, Website, Brand Awareness Ad and Post Card

Brand Identity

We explored concepts that integrated black and white lifestyle images with a touch of color, leading to the incorporation of the Apella orange frame.  We coined the finalized image concept the "Window to the Future." The idea behind this concept was straightforward: within the orange Window of the Future, everything was vivid and bright, much like the prosperous future envisioned by Apella Capital investors. Outside the window, however, the outlook remained colorless and bleak. We complimented the photography with new branding elements, as shown below. 

We’re humbled by the sentiments the Apella team expressed for the new brand identity, ranging from “Wow! This is so cool” to “This complements the Apella brand impeccably.” It’s what drives us to deliver the brand love our clients deserve.

Website Design

The website served as an online brochure and was the primary extension of the brand. We rethought everything when building the site, from the structure, navigation, and visual design.


The collateral assignments included brand awareness advertising and direct mail. The primary goal of the print ad was to make prospective clients aware of Apella Capital’s existence in their local area. Meanwhile, the direct mail piece aimed to integrate with the brand’s aspirational tone, setting the stage for prospective clients to feel confident about their future. Serving as an extension of that message, it employs color, imagery, and design to reinforce the bright path that prospects can expect from their retirement when they become an Apella client.

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