Brand Identity

Apella’s previous imagery was black & white. The thought process was for the images to look different. However, they came across as dull and depressing. We worked on concepts that combined black and white images of people with color, and began to work in the Apella orange frame.   The idea behind the finished image treatment was that everything inside the orange Window of the Future was colorful and bright, much like the future of the people who invested with Apella Capital, and everything outside the window was dull and depressing. The above sample images represent that concept.


Website Design

The website served as an online brochure and was the primary extension of the brand. We rethought everything when building the site, from the structure, navigation and visual design.


Brand Awareness Advertising

The primary goal of this print ad was to make prospective clients aware of Apella Capital’s existence in their local area.



The brand’s overarching voice and tone is aspirational and sets the stage for prospective clients to feel confident about their future. This postcard is an extension of that message, and I’ve used color, imagery and design to reinforce the bright path that prospects can expect from their retirement when they become an Apella Client.