Brand Identity Design

In our initial discovery sessions with the client, we developed a brand adjectives list that included the words All-American, Ambitious, Fierce, Bold, Strength and Elegance. The brand also needed to empower the former dance and cheerleading communities to see the value of a platform that focusses on choreographed dance routines. After creating dozens of design iterations, the selected logo used a modern and minimalistic approach with a strong emphasis on typography to represent the perceived strength of the ChoreoNation brand while maintaining a feminine mystique.


Mobile App Design

Since brand cohesiveness was critical to this client, we carried the branding through to the mobile app, and developed a full prototype with basic navigational functionality for ChoreoNation’s app development vendor to match screen by screen.


Web Design

The website served as an online brochure and was the primary extension of the brand. We designed it as a way to give an overview of the application and included several calls to action such as exploring a free class or joining risk free for 7 days. We opted for a home page with continuous scroll to enhance mobile viewing, and separate pages for prospective dance instructors and memberships.


Intro/Outro Video Animation

We created an intro and outro video animation to be used on all of ChoreoNation’s dance videos. We kept it simple and animated the logo mark as if it was dancing.