Web Banner

This web banner was needed to announce that 2019 season tickets were available for purchase. While many of the backgrounds were either solid blue or solid green, new backgrounds needed to be created using both colors and a line treatment was introduced as well as a central lighting effect and a subtle drop shadow behind the text to strengthen the message.


Powerpoint Template

This template was needed for the sales team to begin approaching prospects for corporate sponsorships. While some backgrounds were already developed for the brand, I needed to create some backgrounds to complement those that were already created. For example, I had created a white background for the meat of the presentation so that text could be used over it, and be easy to read.

Head Coach Infographic

An infographic template needed to be created for the club’s head coach. Since the head coach had not yet been publicly announced, the above sample shows dummy information and greek text that was used for placement only.


Social Media Animation

Hartford Athletic needed a simple social media animation template that could be updated with photography from the previous night’s game and posted each time the team won.