Brand Identity

We were asked to refresh the current brand with an expanded color palette, a new typeface for headlines, and new graphical elements. The company also needed us to create their brand guidelines. We conducted a brand identity discovery review session and discovered that color backgrounds and elements should be used sparingly since the firm’s principal photography of the interiors the firm designed was so colorful, bright, and lively. Thus, we created a number of colorless textured backgrounds that looked like modern furniture fabric or flooring, so that the photography could steal the show.


Website Development

We developed a visually compelling website for Infinity Group that focused on “modern simplicity”. We used Infinity Group red sparingly throughout the site, and any instance of red is a clickable call to action to draw the attention of the viewer.


Business Cards

Business cards were kept simple, and utilized the back for the slogan and locations to emphasize scale and positioning.


Brand Collateral

We designed a look book for Infinity Group to be their core branding collateral. We really wanted to show the beauty of all the work that Infinity creates, so the book was made very visual with minimal text. To us, the devil is in the details, so we used a simple grid throughout and placed circular-shaped call-outs along the edges to keep each page layout tidy and sharp. For the call-outs we made sure not to use angular or diagonal connector lines. All connector lines were horizontal or vertical and as close to the outer edges as possible.


Social Media

We had a bit more fun with Infinity Group’s social media, and created assets that were eye catching and compelling to encourage views to seek more information about the company.


Digital Advertising

The digital ads we created matched well with the website, and stuck closely to the brand guidelines.