Infinity Group

Infinity Group designs and builds beautiful workspaces for clients across the United States. They guide people through every aspect of the journey; from the idea, to when it becomes reality and employees are thriving.  Infinity Group expanded their marketing efforts and wanted their creative to be more compelling, so they turned to the experts at Creative Chain. We restructured their typography, color palette and updated their Brand Guidelines. Infinity Group’s primary color is red, black and grey, and the client introduction touch points, such as their website and business cards, needed to use red sparingly. So, instead of using color to add visual interest, we used the textures of modern building material finishes and furnishings throughout these touch points. 


Design, Development, Brand Collateral Development


Brand Guidelines, Website, Brand Collateral, Social Media, Digital Advertising

Brand Identity

We explored concepts that integrated black and white lifestyle images with a touch of color, leading to the incorporation of the Apella orange frame.  We coined the finalized image concept the “Window to the Future.” The idea behind this concept was straightforward: within the orange Window of the Future, everything was vivid and bright, much like the prosperous future envisioned by Apella Capital investors. Outside the window, however, the outlook remained colorless and bleak. We complimented the photography with new branding elements, as shown below. 

Website Design

We developed a visually compelling website for Infinity Group that focused on “modern simplicity”. We used Infinity Group red sparingly throughout the site, and any instance of red is a clickable call to action to draw the attention of the viewer.


The collateral assignments included a look book, presentation, and business cards. Each needed to be clean, use the color palette sparingly, and designed so that the interior images were the star of the show. 

Digital ads and Social Media 

The digital ads we created matched well with the website, and stuck closely to the brand guidelines. The marketing team at Infinity Group and I had a bit more fun with the firm’s social media and created scroll-stopping images that encouraged users to seek more information about the company.

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