Sigsense produces a predictive maintenance solution that connects with a wide range of hardware from biotech equipment to manufacturing machinery. While they already had a logo for their umbrella company, they needed a product logo as well that was clean and embodied the simplicity of their scalable AI-based solution.


Trendsetters (SCIEX)

SCIEX, a global life sciences technology corporation, renamed its virtual event series to “Trendsetters” in 2021 and needed a refreshed logo that was a better reflection of what the event had evolved into. The tone was described as “Ahead of the curve, leading, New/Fresh and Edgy”.  Since the lifespan of the logo was estimated at about one to two years, utilizing the latest design trends was an appropriate choice.  The existing SCIEX brand color palette was carefully applied to each character as a natural extension of the gradient circle that sits behind the wordmark.


Examvue was updating it’s software and wanted to call is “Examvue Duo”.  The platform update is more modern, faster and robust. They needed to update their identity to match. We used a simplified and focused approach to blending two rounded objects together representing the transition from the old software to the new software. We chose arrow heads with rounded corners to compliment the main font, while denoting forward movement.


Manchester Veterinary Clinic

In our agency’s infancy, we proudly engaged in spec work to broaden the logo work in our portfolio. We therefore created this logo for Manchester Veterinary Clinic and presented to the client when finished. Although the client chose to keep their logo, we felt the logo was a strong representation of our capabilities, and so it stays in our portfolio to this day.


In our initial discovery sessions with the client, we developed a brand adjectives list that included the words All-American, Ambitious, Fierce, Bold, Strength and Elegance. The brand also needed to empower the former dance and cheerleading communities to see the value of a platform that focusses on choreographed dance routines. After creating dozens of design iterations, the selected logo used a modern and minimalistic approach with a strong emphasis on typography to represent the perceived strength of the ChoreoNation brand while maintaining a feminine mystique.


Crazy Carl’s makes a wide variety of salsas, guacamoles, picante sauces and Queso Dips for local restaurants. They asked us to design a logo so they could pitch their products to local grocery stores as well, with the long term goal of expanding to larger supermarkets. We began my studying their competition, and created a logo that was authentic, fun and embodied the Crazy Carl’s brand name.

Lawn Patrol

Lawn Patrol is a company that is being reborn. The company is only 1-year old, but has gone from “Advanced Lawn Care” to “Connecticut Turf & Tree.”  The company wants to hopefully turn this business into a franchise model and neither of those names seemed scalable, hence the new name of “Lawn Patrol.”  To emphasize “patrol” the company wanted something that represented authority, guarding, trusted, etc. Thus, we designed a simple black outlined badge as we didn’t want it to compete or overpower a healthy green grass feel.


Lynda Marosy

Some people may see four arrow heads, others may see a butterfly. It’s all perception. And both would be right. By implementing a technique to show hidden images in the negative space (a technique made famous by the FedEx logo), both images convey the certified life coach’s mission to provide a clear direction and transformation in people’s lives.



VERSATEK makes wall mount display brackets for LCD, LED and plasma TV monitors for professional A/V installations. They needed a logo that shows, in a simplistic form, a solid installation and the versatility in monitor placement.



Evolvor is a marketing technology company that specializes in SEO/SEM, CRO, SAAS management and email automation. They needed a clean, modern logo that symbolized how their clients would experience an increase in sales and conversions by using their technologies and strategies. We used a simple pointer on the letter “v” to show these increases, and altered the color to show the two sides of the company: technology and strategy.

Infinity Group CLEAR

When Infinity Group needed a new logo for their Infinity Group CLEAR solution, they turned to the experts at Creative Chain. Infinity Group CLEAR is a packaged service solution that includes a complete solution made of 4 components: strategy, architecture, engineering and construction. Leveraging the current Infinity Group logo, we created a color for each component and constructed a circle to show it is a complete solution.