Brand Guidelines

Motorq asked our virtual team to create brand guidelines for their B2B SaaS brand. During brand discovery, we discovered that Motorq had multiple variations of the same color in their palette, which were used inconsistently throughout the website. This led to a diluted brand identity, making it difficult for businesses to recognize and connect with the brand.  The client also wanted to keep their logo in tact and our team was able to build a backstory around it. In addition to creating a logical color palette, we also selected a type family and usage guidance.


Print Ad

Motorq needed a print advertisement to reintroduce the hardware-free benefits to the connected fleet market. We were supplied with all of the copy, and we customized the illustration while designing the ad in accordance with the new brand identity.


Blog Images

Motorq asked Creative Chain to source or create illustrations in the same style as their current brand. We often needed to build custom illustrations using two or more sourced vector files and, on occasion, add to the illustrations with our own creations to better relate to the blog content. We then took things to the next level by restricting the color palette to a core set of primary, secondary and background colors, and used that palette to recolor the illustrations.


Linkedin Cover Image

Motorq asked us to create a cover image for their profile page. We developed a wall-paper pattern of passenger vehicles with map pins above them symbolizing Motorq’s primary value prop.



Short Explainer Video

We created this short explainer video about Motorq’s value prop that they could use on social media.