Movement by Michelob ULTRA and BFS

In 2020, fitness studios needed innovative marketing ideas amid the pandemic. Concurrently, Michelob ULTRA positioned itself as the beer for health and fitness enthusiasts. Partnering with Boutique Fitness Solutions (BFS), representing a network of studios in Michelob Ultra's demographic, we seized the opportunity to support 20 BFS studios in the Northeast. This strategic move allowed Michelob ULTRA to enter the boutique fitness industry. Guided by Mosaic, Michelob Ultra's integrated marketing agency, our team crafted original copy and design for creative marketing assets used in BFS's northeast region.


Copy writing, Social Media Design, Web Development


Social Media Assets, Website

Photo Library

Knowing that BFS needed a substantial number of assets, we expanded the library to include images that matched the gravitas that Michelob established with their imagery. 

Paid and Organic Social Media Strategy and Design

We developed a Facebook and Instagram campaign that included a mix of paid and organic posts to help enhance the Michelob ULTRA fitness portfolio and drive sales and marketing opportunities for the participating studios.  We designed our own ad template using the supplied guidelines, and inserted fresh copy and photography to vary the campaigns.

Website Development

We developed a website specific to the campaign that featured classes from each of the participating studios, which amounted to approximately 40 classes per week.

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