Under Armour

Under Armour is one of the most powerful brands in sports apparel and footwear. A product team leader needed an equally powerful presentation making the case for continued investment in UA's connected footwear program. Recognizing the need to pitch executive leadership on more than engineering and technical prowess, Creative Chain engaged a sports marketing specialist with a decade of experience in the running market and sports tech. This collaboration ignited a connection between the product team's multi-year roadmap and the company's broader messaging around running. While the internal presentation's visuals could rightfully adopt a brand agnostic approach, the design was intentionally aligned with UA's brand guidelines to reinforce the overarching message of brand loyalty. Equipped with these visuals, copy, and messaging, the client could then engage with the executives on their own terms, securing for their team a strong voice in the subsequent conversation.


Design, Copywriting



“Creative Chain delivered excellent results on a challenging project with a tight deadline.”

Michael Mazzoleni 
Senior Lead, Connected Footwear
Under Armour 

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